We opened up a nice large pecan log and found all kinds of beautiful grain and feature. This corner is just part of it. What you see is spalting, defined as any color on wood caused by a fungus. There is a very good discussion of spalting at http://Northernspalting.com and a lot more on the internet. This log came from a very wet corner of East Texas and quite a bit of what we get from there has spalting so I would hazard a guess that it’s more common in wet places. But the big sycamores that we started the business with grew right here in Corrales and they have spalting too. Spalting can be produced intentionally, which is cool. I prefer to find it by accident. Spalting can produce all kinds of colors, depending on the species of fungus. The black lines that I like are called zone lines. They form where territories of competing fungi meet.



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