"Andy Goldsworthy... a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings. He lives and works in Scotland.” 

Saying this is like saying Jimi Hendrix was a guitar player. Looking at Goldsworthy’s books permanently changed the way I see and think about the natural world and seeing his work in person is simply breathtaking. He works in stone, wood and other natural materials and is truly an inspiration for me.


"George Nakashima..

...this 1979 issue of Fine Woodworking was my first glimpse of the possibilities of live edge slab lumber. Nakashima was a pioneer in combining natural forms with traditional craftsmanship and unique mass production methods.


Wharton Esherick...

....was an artist, woodworker and builder in Pennsylvania, not far from Valley Forge. Visiting his home and workplace, which is now  museum, is to be immersed in the world of the free form, the practical, beautiful and whimsical, and the beauty of the found and repurposed object. Everything in Esherick's environment has the touch of his hand and his imagination.


James Krenov

James Krenov was a cabinetmaker and educator who influenced a generation of woodworkers in the 70’s and 80’s. His work is distinguished by his reverence for the properties of the wood and his austere, deceptively simple designs. His painstaking craftsmanship and championing of hand tools and traditional methods remain the standard for craft woodworkers today.

Bruce Hoadley...

Understanding Wood is a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities and limitations of wood. It’s indispensable for your adventure into the world of live edge slab lumber.