This table was designed around two live edge slabs from a sycamore tree in front of our business on Corrales Road. Two years ago when the tree had to come down I said that if the trunk was sound I’d buy a mill and turn it into live edge slab lumber. It was, and I did, and DendroTechnology was born.

This table is made from locally harvested Russian olive with walnut dovetail keys and walnut splines in the legs. Much of the hand work was done by Charlie Sedillo.

This bench was made from a pine post salvaged from a home during a remodel. We split it with our saw, sanded it, added legs and returned it to the home it came from, where it sits in the garden with a view of the fish pond. 

This is a sycamore table top for a Sprinter van conversion. We glued it up for width from one of our smaller sycamore planks and then finished it, trimmed it and notched it to fit in our customer’s van while it was parked in the yard. He’s off to Boulder Colorado with a fine new work surface.

This picnic table was brought to us with a decrepit store bought wood table and bench tops. We took it apart, beefed up the steel frames a bit and replaced the wood with Corrales grown russian olive live edge planks.